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Once upon a time, there was a slightly overweight handsome guy and a ginger giant! (Let you decide who’s who!!) who really loved training, skittles and 80s love ballads. We happily trained until the nasty Rona virus appeared and closed down our beloved training sessions!! So, we looked, and we found a helpful fella who let us borrow his lock-up to train in. We begged and borrowed some bits of equipment to try and get us through, even had to squat and press builder’s tresses. After lots of long evenings of training in the Rocky shed as we called it, we decided we would find our own lock up and buy some good equipment just in case the gyms never reopened again!

Picture 1_edited.png

These conversations as they do after one too many fizzy lemonades escalated to the point we decided it felt right to just jump in with both feet and open our own fully operational badass gym as opposed to the small 1-1 Personal Training Gym we had planned upon. We put pen to paper and realised there were already various other niche fitness centres. So how could we make something different to offer the folks of Redditch!!! The concept we settled upon was a friendly all shapes and sizes family atmosphere. Focused predominantly around improving health and well-being, not just physically but also mentally

We feel our biggest asset (obviously after ourselves) is our 60+sq m functional Astro turfed area, aimed at groups and HiT workouts! But we also needed to include the main gym fundamentals such as free weights, resistance machines and various cardio equipment. So, we found our holy temple! With the help of a very kind building owner, we finally got the keys.


Upon the first gaze, it seemed wonderful. The place we had dreamt of. But after we finally got our crackers head builder in we realised we had over a week of angle grinding old water pipes and metalwork off the ceiling just to get it back to an empty shell to start properly!!


After 6 weeks of hard work, early mornings and late nights, tears, tantrums and squabbling. We have finally reached the pinnacle of our very own dream and we can now open the doors to you the lovely people of Redditch. We hope you training here and much as we will love having you…………………all our love Nick and Mike xx


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